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Rotterdam Network of Econometricians

RECNET (Rotterdams EConometristen NETwerk; Rotterdam Network of Econometricians) is the association for EUR Econometrics alumni as well as current and former members of the Econometric Institute (EI). After your graduation you become a member of RECNET.

When you have graduated, you will spread your wings and you and your friends will probably go separate ways. Some people will stay in Rotterdam, but the most will probably go working in another city, maybe even in a different country. The danger is then to lose sight of each other. RECNET organises (in cooperation with FAECTOR, the Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research) several activities like drinks and company visits throughout the year. In this way you can stay in contact with your student friends. Next to the fact that it is very nice to hear their stories, maybe their experiences will give you some inspiration. Moreover, it is great to bring back the memories of your period as a student Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

To stay up to date with RECNET events, please go to Alumni FAECTOR and become a member of the RECNET/FAECTOR LinkedIn group