School Council

School Council

The School Council is the school’s participation body. The School Council discusses the general running affairs of the school with the dean. In addition, the dean informs the council about any policies that he carries out and policy proposals that concern teaching & research, and policy proposals in the field of finances and organisation. Alongside its general advisory role, the School Council has a specific approval competency with respect to determining and modifying the School Regulations and part of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations

Personnel Council (PGFR)

The Personnel Council of the School Council (PGFR) acts as an employees’ organisation vis-à-vis the dean in his function as the school’s head of employees’ organisation. In this capacity the PGFR has a special advisory and approval competency. The specific competencies are defined in the Erasmus School of Economics Regulations. As a service council, the PGFR has regular consultation meetings with the dean.

Student Council (SGFR)

The Student Council of the School Council (SGFR) is a representative advisory body. In this capacity the SGFR, just like the PGFR, has advisory and approval competencies. These competencies are defined in the Erasmus School of Economics Regulations and they include approval competencies with regard to parts of the Teaching & Examinations Regulations. For questions please send an e-mail to

Schedule of meetings 

The School Council’s meetings are open to everyone, unless announced otherwise.

Below are the dates and locations of the upcoming School Council meetings:

School Council 14312.10.201710.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 14409.11.201710.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 14507.12.201710.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 14601.02.201810.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 14729.03.201810.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 14817.05.201810.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 14905.07.201810.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30
School Council 15023.08.201810.00 - 12:00hrsH 12-30

Minutes and meeting documents

School Council’s agenda and meeting documents are available in English.