Timeline for accepted students

Below is a clarifying timeline for accepted students which consists of dates and deadlines that might be important for you as a new student at Erasmus School of Economics. Expect more information on topics such as housing, finance and immigration procedures to be released as soon as they come available online.

This page will be updated on a frequent basis so make sure to visit it regularly. 
Please note that some  information is only meant for specific target groups.

What?Who  Action required?When?
Immigration proceduresXXXInternational student only1 March - 15 June 2017
Health insuranceXXXYesbefore start at Erasmus School of Economics
HousingXXXYesbefore start at Erasmus School of Economics
FinancesXXXYesbefore start at Erasmus School of Economics
Registration City HallXXXYesupon arrival in the Netherlands
Opening a Dutch bank accountXXXYesupon arrival in the Netherlands
Summer course in Mathematics (online)XX Optionalapply as of 1 June 2017
iBuddy programmeXXXOptionalinternationals will be approached by study associations
Course GuideXXXNoapprox. 15 July 2017
Books and literatureXXXYesupon arrival
EurekaweekXXXOptional21-24 August 2017
EFR IntroductionX  Optional1-3 September 2017
Weekend IBEB     
FAECTOR Penguin introduction camp Econometrics & BSc2X  Optionalt.b.a. beginning of August 2017
Introduction BachelorXX Yes4-sep-17
Introduction Pre-Master X Yes4-sep-17
Introduction Master  XYes5-sep-17
Dutch Language CourseXXXOptional21 August - 1 September 2017