What is the Tutor Academy?

To ensure good-quality small-scale Bachelor education, the Tutor Academy provides training, coaching and guidance of teaching assistants who work within the bachelor programmes of Erasmus School of Economics.

As a teaching assistant you will work with the course coordinator and one of the Tutor Academy teachers. The course coordinator is a member of the academic staff and is overall responsible for the instructional methods, content and organisation of the course. The Tutor Academy teacher supports the course coordinator in the organisation and execution of small-scale teaching and is responsible for the didactical and practical guidance of the teaching assistants.

You will also meet Miraila Bernadina or Marjon van Hees, the Tutor Academy’s administrative employees.

Monique Klück is the Director of the Tutor Academy. In addition to this role, she is also the programme manager of the Quality Impetus Project.

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Questions? Send an e-mail to tutoracademy@ese.eur.nl