TA Toegepaste Micro-Economie and Applied Microeconomics

Teaching Assistants in Toegepaste Micro-Economie and Applied Microeconomics

The Economics Department is hiring Teaching Assistants for Toegepaste Micro-Economie and Applied Microeconomics. This course takes place in Block 3 of the next academic year.

Job description and responsibilities

  • Teach 3 tutorial groups, each group 1 time per week
  • Grade midterm exams


  • Any applicant must have scored at least 8 for Applied Microeconomics
  • Applications must have overall good grades, i.e. ideally at least 8 on average for Bachelor 1 and 2.
  • Having some past teaching experience is a plus. Examples of such experience include: having been teaching assistant before, but also work as a tutor at your former high school, or trainer/coach of a sports team.


You will receive a compensation for 0.2 full-time equivalents for 3 months, namely a compensation between € 374.80 and € 436.80 per month.


Apply using the application form. Together with this form, please include your CV, a recent list of your grades, and a short letter in which you motivate your application. Send the form and all the materials to tutoracademy@ese.eur.nl. The application deadline is June 11. After the application deadline we will select candidates for a short interview. The interviews take place between 19 and 23 June.

Additional information

For additional information you can contact Max van Lent (vanlent@ese.eur.nl).