Training and guidance

Training novice teaching assistants and mentors

To ensure you are properly prepared for your work as a teaching assistant, you will first attend a didactical skills training. Participation in this training is mandatory.

For the teaching assistants Skills BA1 block 1-3  this involves a half-day training at the Hofplein Theatre School. All other teaching assistants will attend a one-day didactical skills training given by Risbo. Click here for more information.

Once you have been hired for the first time as a teaching assistant you will receive an invitation for a training from the Tutor Academy administrative employee.  Teaching assistants working for Skills block 1-3 and another course will be invited for both trainings.

A training programme for experienced teaching assistants is under development.

Workshops for experienced teaching assistants

In case you are already an experienced teaching assistant, you successfully completed the one-day Risbo training and you will continue teaching additional courses, you can register for one of the following workshops mentioned below. Using your recent teaching experience, these workshops will allow you to deepen your didactical knowledge and skills and are of great added value to improve your teaching. Also outside the realm of your appointment as teaching assistant, these skills will turn out to be highly relevant in your professional career as well. A certificate of attendance will be provided.


Individual guidance

The Tutor Academy teacher will attend tutorials of all teaching assistants and give personal feedback afterwards. New teaching assistants will be visited at least twice. Additionally, new teaching assistants can visit tutorial sessions of more experienced teaching assistants.

Group guidance

Group guidance during the course period depends on the course coordinator/Tutor Academy teacher and could include weekly briefings or periodic contact through e-mail or social media. Each course period starts with at least one meeting at the start to discuss the content of the course and tutorials, practical issues and the tasks and responsibilities of all involved.

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