Training for teaching assistants

In order to prepare you well for the important task of providing excellent tutorials for our students, you will be invited to participate in a one-day didactical skills training. Participating in this training is a requirement for all teaching assistants prior to the start of your work.

Risbo Training Didactical Skills

In the didactical skills training session offered by Risbo, interactive methods are used to focus on important basic didactical skills, including:

  • providing clear instructions and explanations;
  • asking questions that test comprehension;
  • activating and motivating students;
  • providing students with feedback;
  • dealing with various types of behaviour from students; and
  • ensuring a safe learning environment is provided for students.

The training session is given by experienced Risbo teacher trainers and usually takes place in week 7 of the course period prior to the period in which you will start working as a teaching assistant.

The objective of the training session is to acquire a basic set of skills and insights needed for effectively leading tutorial groups within a limited period of time. In order to make this possible you will also be asked to complete two preparatory assignments.

Upon completing the training session you will be asked to formulate a number of development points. These development points will be the starting point for coaching provided by the Tutor Academy teacher.

After submitting your personal development points you will receive a certificate of participation from Risbo. These personal developments points will be the starting point for your individual guidance by the Tutor Academy teacher during the course period.

Participation in this training session is mandatory. The course will take place between 10:00 and 17:00 on the scheduled day. You will be invited to attend the day-long course by Miraila Bernadina-Theodora.

Training at Hofplein theatre

Before starting as a teaching assistant of the course Skills Block 1-3 BA1, you will participate in the training by the Hofplein theatre. The training will prepare you for your work as a teaching assistant and focuses mainly on your presentation skills.

The training will cover various aspects, including:

  • How to capture and retain a group’s attention.
  • How to motivate a group
  • Basic presentation skills: what are the basic skills you can pass on to the students?
  • How to give constructive feedback on what you hear and observe?

Participation in this training is mandatory. The course is a half-day session and usually takes place one or two weeks prior to the start of block 1 You will be invited to attend by Miraila Bernadina-Theodora.

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