Creative Industries

Education on Creative Industries

Are you interested in a career in the creative industries? Erasmus University Rotterdam offers education in this field on Bachelor and Master level. View some of the options below.

Bachelors and masters about creative industries

Double Degree in Arts and Sciences

Do you have an artistic or musical talent, as well as a hunger for academic knowledge? You can now mix art and academia in metropolitan Rotterdam.

Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship

Uncover the business of culture: get the art facts. How to tell the worth of an oeuvre? How do cultural entrepreneurs operate in the culture market? It's all about cultural economics.

Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL)


In this two-year, international Master, you study how local places and actors generate local competitiveness under global markets conditions.

Media & Creative Industries


Media & Creative Industries covers current issues in organisation, policies, production, management, marketing and distribution of media companies and creative industries.

Minors about the creative industries

Other education about the creative industries

Courses on the creative industries

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Lavanga and Wubs

Education under construction

Three high quality courses in fashion

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Here you can find testimonials of internship experiences of students from the academic year 2017-2018.

Give yourself time to grow
Nene Wilson
A production and administrative intern at Orisun
Read more about Nene's experience about Nene Wilson
Nicole Jacques Oliveira dos Santos
Focus on your passion!
Nicole Jacques Oliveira dos Santos
Intern at Performer Agency, Amsterdam
Read more about Nicole's experience about Nicole Jacques Oliveira dos Santos
Lee Ann Lo-A-Njoe
If you are passionate enough to do it, then you will succeed.
Lee Ann Lo-A-Njoe
Intern at Kugali, an African Media Company in London, United Kingdom
Read more about Lee Ann's experience about Lee Ann Lo-A-Njoe
Nico Frouws
Give it your all, because in the end you are there to learn.
Nico Frouws
Communication, Production and Coordination intern at BredaPhoto Festival
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