Choosing a master programme

As an IBCoM alumnus, there are many master programmes to choose from. Below, some of the options are listed to help you in your decision process!

Master programmes at ESHCC

The Master Media Studies offers four tracks for IBCoM alumni:

  • Media & Business
    Are you entrepreneurial and creative enough to meet the ever-changing and increasingly diverse demands of today's media and communication professions? Put yourself to the test in this engaging and entrepreneurial programme and explore how new media have transformed the media business and other international industries.

  • Media, Culture & Society
    Against the backdrop of quickly digitalising societies, increasing cultural diversity, and media saturation, the Media, Culture & Society programme allows you to study the societal impacts and uses of established and emerging media.
  • Media & Creative Industries
    Media & Creative Industries covers current issues in organisation, policies, production, management, marketing and distribution of media companies and creative industries.
  • Media & Journalistiek (Dutch)
    This track is a Dutch programme for students who are interested in the latest media developments. What opportunities emerge from our contemporary media society and how are media producers and consumers involved in new journalistic developments?

It is also possible to apply for the two-year Research Master Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts, in which students get in-depth, internationally focused, social-scientific training. This programme is perfect for students who have the ambition to study key issues in media, arts and society. After this master programme, it is possible for students to go on to a PhD or a career in research, policy, or consultancy.

Master programmes at different EUR faculties

It is possible to do a master at a different EUR faculty than ESHCC. Many of our IBCoM graduates choose for a Master’s in Marketing Management, Innovation Management, or another field related to their personal and/or career interests. It is important to note that for some master programmes at different faculties, specific IBCoM courses or electives are required. Besides that, some faculties ask for a GMAT and/or have GPA requirements. It is important you check the website of the master programme you would be interested in for their specific admission requirements.

Master programmes at different Dutch universities

It is also an option to do your master’s at a different Dutch university than Erasmus University Rotterdam. Several IBCoM alumni have chosen for a master’s programme in for instance Amsterdam, Leiden or Tilburg. Similar to choosing a master programme at a different EUR faculty, it is important to take into account potential additional admission requirements besides your IBCoM diploma. It is important to check the website of the master programme you would be interested in for their specific admission requirements.

Master programmes abroad

Several IBCoM alumni have chosen to do a master’s programme at a foreign university, there are options all around the world! Students have gone to the UK, USA, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, and more to pursue a master’s programme of their interest. It is important to note that foreign master programmes often have a 2 year duration. Not sure yet what options are out there and what country / university you would be interested in? There are many websites to help you when orienting for a master abroad (e.g.


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It was always my plan to continue with a Master in Business.
Master Business Administration - International Strategy at UVA, NL
Class of 2013 (Graduated in 2016)
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This master is very intense, I did not expect this when I applied.
Master of Arts in Communication, San Diego State University
Class of 2011 (Graduated in 2014)
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