Gabrielle op 't Hoog

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Class of 2012 (Graduated in 2015)
Master International and European Relations at Linköping University, Sweden

What was important in making up your mind?

While I was studying in IBCoM, I realised that my interest in global political affairs and relations started growing significantly. Therefore, I decided to apply for this program at Linköping University. Since many political master programs require you to have a bachelor degree in political science, my options were narrowed down quite a bit. However, the international focus of this program, Sweden's interesting international position and the fact that I don't have to pay any tuition fees didn't make the decision to apply not too difficult.

How would you describe the connection between IBCoM and your master?

I believe that my knowledge on the way the media interact with various actors in society helps me understand global affairs and international relations better. IBCoM's focus on the influence media can have on the way the public looks at happenings in the world provides me with a perspective that many other students in my program tend to forget about.

How would you describe your master?

The International and European Relations Master is a mix between courses on rather abstract political theories, contemporary questions, and heated debates between students from various backgrounds. The program is based on problem-based learning which helps to connect real-life cases to theories, history, and the role of international institutions.

In hindsight, what would you have liked to have known before, what you know now?

Looking back, I would have loved if there were more possibilities to take politics-related seminars or electives. If I would have a little more prior knowledge on many of these theories, I would have saved much time in the first couple of months here! The program turned out to be a little harder than expected; I have to read much more and catching up on the theoretical part is not always that easy but it's an interesting challenge!More information about the Master can be found here.