International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

The list of courses available in 2017-2018 are listed below, per term.

More information on the content of the course can be found by searching for the course on the basis of the course code (CMxxxx) in the EUR Course Catalog . Also make sure to review the Study Information page for more insights into the workload, grading, rules, etc.

Instructions on how to register will be sent to you by your ESHCC exchange coordinator.

Registration is no longer possible, the deadline has expired.


  • History and Arts & Culture Studies exchange students should follow at least 50% of their total number of courses within the History and/or Arts & Culture Studies
  • Students who study Arts and Culture Studie (or Arts and Culture Studies related programs) as their major, have priority.

Term 1 (11 September - 10 November)

CC1001 - History of Arts and Culture (10 ECTS)
CC2005 - Contemporary Approaches in Cultural Sociology (5 ECTS)
CC2007 - Aesthetics (5 ECTS)
CC2043 - Contemporary Heritage (5 ECTS)
CC2048 - Emotion, Culture and the Feeling Brain (5 ECTS)
CC2053 - Contemporary Art World (5 ECTS)
(Please note: the content of this course is quite similar to CC1001, but it's for a different group of students)
CC9002 - Art, Culture and Society (5 ECTS)
CC9007 - The Cultural Economic Perspective (5 ECTS)
CC9008 - Money and the Fine Arts (5 ECTS)
CC9009 - Creative Economy and Creative Organizations (5 ECTS)
CC9010 - The Art of Filmmaking (5 ECTS)
MINESHCC-8 2016 - Fashion Industry (15 ECTS); see this page for more information - for the Fashion Industry minor we have reserved 3 spots for exchange students. The rest of the spots are reserved for full degree students of our Bachelor's degree program.

Term 2 (13 November - 2 February)

CC1003 - Sociology of Arts and Culture (10 ECTS)
Lecture in English, tutorial in English or Dutch (choose one)
CC1017 - Marketing Arts and Culture (5 ECTS)
CC2008 - Values of Culture (5 ECTS)
CC2010 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis (5 ECTS)
Lecture in English, tutorial in English or Dutch (choose one)
CC2039 - Avant-Gardes in Context (5 ECTS)
CC2044 - History of the Art Market (5 ECTS)
CC2050 - Consumption and Identity (5 ECTS)
CC2051 - Cultural Studies (5 ECTS)
CC3107 - Economics of Cultural Heritage (5 ECTS)
CC3124 - Audience Studies: Current Prespectives (5 ECTS)
CC3125 - Art, Literature and Capitalism: Battling Histories (5 ECTS)
CC3201 - Media Industries: Trends and Strategies (5 ECTS)

Term 3 (5 February - 13 April)

CC1005 - Economics of Arts and Culture (10 ECTS)
Lecture in English, tutorial in English or Dutch (choose one)
CC1006 - Cultural Policy (5 ECTS) - in English
CC1018 - Cultuurbeleid (5 ECTS) - in Dutch
CC2015 - Sociology, Culture and Modernity (5 ECTS)
CC2017 - Advanced Economics of Arts and Culture (5 ECTS)
CC3105 - Advances Economic Aspects of Cultural Industries (5 ECTS)
CC3123 - Introduction Arts Education (5 ECTS) - in English
CC2045 - Introductie Kunsteducatie (5 ECTS) - in Dutch

Term 4 (16 April - 22 June)

CC1022 - Cultural and Creative Industries (5 ECTS) - in English
CC1023 - De Culturele en Creative Industrieën (5 ECTS) - in English
CC1021 - Arts, Culture and the Media (10 ECTS) - in English

Resit Period: 25 June - 20 July

Registration Procedure

Registration to our courses goes through a Course Registration Form, which will be open in specific periods at the top of this page.
The application deadline for Spring semester (term 3 and 4) was 8 January 2018. It's no longer possible to register for courses.