History courses

The list of courses available in 2018-2019 are listed below, per term.


  • History and Arts & Culture Studies exchange students should follow at least 50% of their total number of courses within the History and/or Arts & Culture Studies
  • Students who study History (or History related programs) as their major, have priority.
  • We have a limited number of spots for exchange students per course.
  • Make sure to review the Study Information page for more insights into the workload, grading, attendance rules, etc.

Term 1 (10 September - 9 November 2018)

CH2201 - Economic History and International Relations (7.5 EC*)
CH2207 - Social and Cultural History (7.5 EC)

MINESHCC-8 2016 - Fashion Industry (15 EC);
For the minor Fashion Industry we have reserved 3 spots for exchange students. The rest of the spots are reserved for full degree students of our Bachelor's degree program.
Students who are selected for this minor should follow these three courses:

Restrictions for the minor Fashion Industry:

  • It's not possible to follow just one or two of these courses.
  • You will only receive credits for this minor (15 EC) if you pass all three courses.
  • Because of the workload it's not possible to follow courses next to the courses of this minor.

Term 2 (12 November 2018 - 8 February 2019)

CH2202 - International Business and Nation-States (7.5 EC)
CH2208 - Historical Representation and Imagination (7.5 EC)
Tutorials in English or Dutch, choose one
CH2209 - Total War (7.5 EC)
CH2215A - Geschiedenis van het Schrift (7.5 EC, in Dutch)
CH2215B - History behind Writing (7.5 EC)
CH2220 - History and Theory of International Economic Relations (7.5 EC)
CH3051 - The Public Role of Historians (7.5 EC)

Term 3 (11 February - 12 April 2019)

CH2203 - Emerging Economies and Global Labour (7.5 EC)
CH2205 - Migration, Citizenship and Identity in Global History (7.5 EC)

Term 4 (15 April - 21 June 2019)

CH2204 - Capitalism and Inequality (7.5 EC)
CH2211 - Urban History: Rotterdam in Global Perspective (7.5 EC)
CH2213 - Erasmus and Grotius on Islam and Judaism (7.5 EC) - moved from term 2 to term 4
CH2219 - Mobility and Constructing Identities in the Context of Globalization (7.5 EC)

* European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

Resit Period: 24 June - 12 July 2019

Registration Procedure

It's not longer possible to register for courses of term 3 and 4.

Registration Period

Course periodRegistration period
Term 130 July- 15 August (noon)
Term 21 October - 17 October (noon)
Term 3 & Term 424 December - 9 January (noon)