Media & Communication Courses - Master / Graduate Level

Below is the list of master (graduate) courses available in 2018-2019. Note that this is a preliminary list, and will only be definite in July 2018.

More information on the content of the course can be found by searching for the course on the basis of the course code (CMxxxx) in the EUR Course Catalog. Also make sure to review the Study Information page for more insights into the workload, grading, rules, etc.

All courses are worth 5 ECTS.

Term 1

CM4101 - Media and Business Transformations 
CM4102 - Corporate Management with New Media 
CM4103 - Media Economics and Media Management 
CM4201 - Media, Culture and Globalisation 
CM4202 - Media and Socio-Cultural Change 
CM4301 - Management of Media and Cultural Industries
CM4303 - Methods of Media Research I
CM4305 - Media, Culture and Globalization

Term 2

CM4104  - Digital Research Methods 
CM4105  - Strategic Mass Communication 
CM4106  - Participating Customers 
CM4115 - New Media Marketing and Advertising
CM4120  - Corporate Social Responsibility Communication 
CM4205  - Participating Audiences
CM4208  - Media and Power
CM4209  - Truth and Trust in Journalism
CM4302 - Participating Audiences
CM4307 - Media-Entertainment and Marketing Strategy

Term 3

CM4108 - Culture, New Media & International Business
CM4109 - Entrepreneurship in Media and Business
CM4110 - Leadership Communication: Strategies and Trends
CM4491 - Media Policy
CM4493 - New Media and Politics
CM4501 - Creative Labour
CM4501 - Creative Labour in the Media
CM4502 - Media Entrepreneurship
CM4550 - Methods of Media Research II

Term 4

No master courses on offer, as this is when the dissertation/thesis is written.
Undergraduate courses can be taken.