Jesse van Leth

Master Media & Business Alumnus

Why did you choose the master Media & Business? Was it a conscious choice for a specific career path? What other factors contributed to your decision?

Coming from a primarily communication oriented bachelor, International Bachelor in Communication and Media (IBCoM), I was looking for a move towards a more business oriented master programme. As such I believe the Media & Business master programme was the perfect bridge for me towards a career that is much more business oriented while still maintaining the communication aspect as well. While not the initial goal it also allowed me to do a second master in Management of Innovation afterwards.

Has the Media & Business programme lived up to your expectations?

It certainly has. It is a logical continuation of the Bachelor in Communication and Media (IBCoM) and there are relatively few surprises in that sense, but it does focus more on the aspects of the bachelor that I was keen on learning more about. In the end your master is primarily about your thesis and that is something that you have in your own hands, the master should only provide the appropriate guidance and in this case it did.

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation and through which means did you find it?

I did not immediately go looking for a job after graduation because I still had to finish my second master first. I did however get a job offer during my second master already regardless, even though I did not accept it at the time. I applied for several traineeships in parallel at the end of my second master and eventually got through with my first choice (and first application) before handing in my thesis.

For which organization or company do you currently work, and what is your position?

I currently work at Microsoft (in the Netherlands) as a Technical Evangelist, a job where I’m able to combine the skills acquired at my two masters (communication and management) and personal passion (technology) perfectly. As a Technical Evangelist I try to make developers on all platforms enthusiastic about new technologies that can help them deliver great experiences for end-users. 

Which components of your master are useful in your current position or career trajectory?

The aspect of always working in teams with different nationalities, backgrounds and personalities very much reflects what it’s like to work at a large multinational like Microsoft. Other than that I think the project-based approach that rewards teamwork and ingenuity rather than a lot of learning is much closer to what any job would entail.