Junxi Ke

Master Media & Business Alumnus

Why did you choose the master Media & Business? Was it a conscious choice for a specific career path? What other factors contributed to your decision?

Having earned a bachelor degree from a journalism school and with experiences in the media industry, I have always wanted to take my knowledge of media to another level. The master of Media & Business provides a perfect platform which enabled me to pursuit a higher education in media studies, and with a strong business mindset. I probably wouldn’t say it was predominantly a choice for a specific career path, but I am glad it eventually inspired me to dive into a career doing what I love to do.

Another factor that brought me here was that I spent one year (2013-2014) studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam as an international exchange student. That experience opened up the world to me, and I happened to be in the same faculty as the master of Media & Business. I used to describe my time being an exchange student here as ‘once in a life time’, so I was thrilled to be able to come back for a master degree.

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation and through which means did you find it?

I was fortunate enough to be able to turn my graduate traineeship into a full-time job, so it didn’t take too long. I found the opportunity via social media, but before that, I did get to know the company a lot more through one of the guest lectures here during my master programme.

For which organization or company do you currently work, and what is your position?

I am currently working as a Communications Assistant for SkyTeam Airline Alliance Management, based in Amsterdam. 

Which components of your master are useful in your current position or career trajectory?

In this master programme, we have two course tracks. I leaned most thanks to the International Business track. It is quite useful for my current career, as SkyTeam is a multi-national organization, with 20 member airlines and more than 10 nationalities represented in our head office. Working in the Brand & Communications Department, thanks to the master of Media & Business, my knowledge of branding and corporate communications helps me a lot.

Do you have any tips or advice for current students?

The course tracks are inspirational, feel free to choose whatever you are interested in.

Any points you would like to add?

On and off for two years at Erasmus University Rotterdam, my story is about coming back but also is about moving forward. I am grateful that I got to know this university, not only did it welcome me to pursuit my dream, but also taught me the one most important philosophy that I am trying to live up to every day: make it happen.