Sanne Huveneers

Media & Culture Alumnus (2007)

'The Master’s program has successfully built a bridge between science and commercial parties'

Job: Consultant & Project Manager at TNO

I’m not an utter scientist. I’m also interested in company matters and business models in the field of media and culture. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information at the University of Utrecht, I was looking for a Master with a more practical angle, which connected with the market more closely. The Master's programme in Media & Culture at Erasmus University has successfully built a bridge between science and commercial parties, paying special attention to a key problem in the media: the tension between creativity and business. In my current job as a consultant with TNO Information and Communication Technology, I also have to make sure that scientific knowledge becomes applicable to the market.

The programme has provided me with new media insights. The staff deserves a thumbs up as well: a highly motivated team. The curriculum is well organised and provides you with numerous possibilities to make your own contribution. No wonder this master’s is gaining popularity! I have brought it to the attention of several other students. You must, however, possess a healthy dose of energy, for the curriculum is rather intensive.