Suzanne Unkel

Master Media & Business Alumnus

Why did you choose the Master Media and Business? Was it a conscious choice for a specific career path? What other factors contributed to your decision?

I wanted to do an English language master in The Netherlands, one that was related to public relations and that would give me more international job opportunities afterwards. Some masters fit in with what I wanted but then I would have to do one extra year of studying to transition properly into those masters. At that time, I flew to Hong Kong to do an internship there and on the transfer in Moscow I met Rosanna who was doing her bachelor IBCoM at the time. She told me about this new Master Media and Business and after some reading up on it, I got really excited so I applied. This master was exactly what I was looking for.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for current students?

Do the best you can and most of all, enjoy this time! I met amazing people during the master and even though we are now scattered across the globe we keep in touch and meet up from time to time in different places.

For which organization or company do you currently work, and what is your position in the company or organization?

I work for Google, the EMEA Head office in Dublin, Ireland as an Associate Account Strategist. My most prominent tasks are solving technical issues in businesses from the Benelux market and providing strategic and consultative marketing advice. I also manage advertiser, publisher and user inquiries, improve Google’s customer relationships and collaborate with specialists, engineers and product team members to develop new features.

How did you find this job?

After Christmas 2013 I started thinking about what companies I would like to work for. It was very clear that I wanted to work for a big and global company so that I could have the opportunity to transfer to another office in another country in the future. I also wanted to start my first “grown-up” job abroad, and I had the need to work for a company I feel comfortable supporting, preferably with an informal organizational culture. On top of that, I wanted to continue learning so I focused on companies that offered a traineeship or something similar. When I finished my list of companies, Google was on top of that list. I reached out to a former colleague of mine who now works at the Google EMEA Head office in Ireland, simply to ask her how she liked it so far because I formed a certain image of Google and I wanted to know what she thought. We had a nice chat and about two months later she reached out to me saying “There is a position opening up in my team, if you’re interested send me your resume!” So I did and started the application process. After the final interview round I actually requested to switch to a similar but slightly different team as that position interested me more, so I did another final interview round and got the job.

Were you well-prepared when you started your first job? Why/why not?

Most of the basic skills that my job requires I picked up during my studies, and by organizing events like field hockey tournaments for my hometown club or TEDxErasmusUniversity. My job experience also helped, as I have worked for an event management company for almost six years. It prepared me for working with different people, it enabled me now to stay calm in stressful situations and it taught me to come up with practical solutions to problems that arise.

Which components of your master are useful in your current position or career trajectory?

I believe the soft skill to work together with people from different backgrounds and improving my presentation skills during the master are very useful for my career.