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Testimonials from alumni

Possible Careers

Your MA Media Studies track prepares you for functioning successfully within our contemporary global society. MA Media Studies alumni have extensive career opportunities, ranging from management, marketing, consultancy, communication, and PR positions to research and policy making functions in different industries. Below, alumni of the four different MA Media Studies tracks share their career experiences with you. Their testimonials may inspire you for your future career!

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Media & Business

Testimonial Ke Junxi
This master programme empowers students who want to elevate their media knowledge to work in corporate environment.
Junxi Ke
Marketing Communication Specialist
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Portrait Disi Ye (Media & Business Alumna)
The writing component of Media and Business definitely prepared me for working in corporate communications. I need to be a chameleon, and write in different styles for different audiences.
Master Media & Business
Master Media & Business Alumnus
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​​​​​​​This Master thought me how to manage an enormous amount of work within a limited period of time
Evgeny Dmitrievskiy
Master Media & Business Alumnus
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The intense way the program runs throughout the year demands dedication, a good agenda and passion
Master Media & Business
Master Media & Business Alumnus
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Media, Culture & Society alumni

Verena Prechsl
The important thing is not to panic and to have faith in your own abilities and the teachers: if you got in the master, you are able to pass it.
Master Media, Culture & Society
Media, Culture & Society Alumnus
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My positive experience with the faculty, as well as the research orientation and the international aspect of the program were all important factors in my decision. Having graduated from IBCoM, these decision factors needed no second thoughts.
Andrea Gudmundsdottir
Media, Culture & Society alumna
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Media & Cultuur alumni

Ik heb tijdens mijn master ervaren dat het heel belangrijk is dat je iets kiest wat je leuk vindt.
Master Media & Cultuur
Master Media & Cultuur Alumnus
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Ik vind de commerciële kant van communicatie echt heel leuk
Media & Cultuur Alumnus (2010)
Functie: Marketing Manager Comedy Central North
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Doe vrijwilligerswerk en zorg voor een extra spoor naast studie.
Master Media & Cultuur
Media & Cultuur Alumnus
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Media & Journalistiek

Verena Prechsl
Na deze master wil ik werkervaring opdoen bij een landelijk medium.
Master Media & Journalistiek
Master Media & Journalistiek Alumnus
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Jim van der Meer
Verdiep je in de branche waar je in terecht wil komen.
Master Media & Journalistiek
Media & Journalistiek Alumnus
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