If you believe you have been treated inappropriately by an administrative body of the university or by a university employee, or dissatisfied with anything relating to your faculty and your study programme, you can submit a complaint.

Informal route

It is preferable to attempt to resolve the issue informally, by talking to the person causing the problem and coming to a satisfactory solution. You can ask a student counsellor or student advisor to help you with this. He or she can also mediate on your behalf if you do not wish to talk directly to the person concerned, for instance if the circumstances call for this. If you are still dissatisfied you can consider submitting a formal complaint.

Formal route

You can formally submit your complaint with the EUR Legal Protection Facility.

Complaints regarding the faculty/study programme

Most faculties have an individual complaints procedure. Complaints regarding your faculty/study programme should be submitted with the EUR Legal Protection Facility.  

Complaints about undesired conduct

The university has a separate complaints procedure for complaints about sexual intimidation, aggression, violence, bullying and discrimination. You can contact a confidential counsellor for information about this procedure. Information about this is also given in the Code of Conduct chapter in the Students' Charter.

You can submit your complaint with the EUR Legal Protection Facility.

Complaints about inappropriate, improper behaviour

If you have a complaint about inappropriate or improper behaviour or negligence on the part of an administrative body or a university employee, you can contact one of the student counsellors for advice first.

You can submit your complaint with the EUR Legal Protection Facility.

Other complaints

When your complaint is not clearly related to the above issues, for example:

  • Facilities/Campus services (cleaning, catering, malfunctions, lighting, etc.)
  • ICT facilities;
  • University Library;
  • Language and Training Centre (TTC)

You can submit your complaint to the Service Desk by mail

EUR Legal Protection Facility

With effect from the 2010-2011 academic year the EUR has one central facility to which all complaints and notices of appeal and objection can be submitted online, the EUR Legal Protection Facility.  If you do not wish to use this online facility you can submit your complaint in person to a student counsellor. To do this you can make an appointment with a student counsellor through the ESSC.

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