with a functional impairment

Studying with a functional impairment

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Erasmus University Rotterdam considers it important that all its students make optimum use of their talents. The SMF team works hard to realise this ambition. As student with an impairment, you may need additional support. As student you can arrange a lot yourself in consultation with your study advisor. If you can’t find a solution together, the SMF team can help (in front of and behind the scenes) by requesting and developing additional provisions. Students with an impairment include students with a physical disability or chronic illness, with dyslexia or another learning difficulty, and mental health conditions. 

Studying with a functional impairment at EUR

‘Studying with an impairment’ team
The ‘studying with an impairment’ team (SMF) is part of the student counselling team and comprises two counsellors and project staff. Together we work hard to identify the study provisions for students with an impairment as precisely as possible and to share these with all those involved. The team arranges inter-faculty provisions (such as text to speech software for students with a visual handicap, or improving campus accessibility). They also ensure that there are clear agreements with the study advisors and Examining Boards. As well as with this website, we like to keep students and employees informed personally. For instance, we offer various workshops throughout the year for both students and teaching staff. One example of this is the ‘studying with dyslexia’ workshop. See our workshop calendar for an up-to-date overview.
Good support for students with an impairment can only be offered if this is supported throughout the organisation. That’s why the SMF team works together with study advisors, REF (Real Estate & Facility Services) project staff, Examining Boards and others.

What can you do?
If you are studying at Erasmus University (or you are intending to do so) and you need additional provisions, please let your study advisor know as soon as possible. At EUR we aim to find solutions together with you, but we cannot start unless you indicate how we can support you. You can read how requests are processed on our ‘request provisions’ page.

  • Ms. R. (Regina) de Bruijn - Boot MA 
    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri
    Student Counsellor for students with a functional impairment

  • Ms. M. (Marlijn) Wagenaar MSc
    Woudestein: Mon - Thur
    Student Counsellor for students with a functional impairment.