Mindfulness (only for non-Dutch speaking students)

Mindfulness is about paying attention to whatever presents itself from moment to moment, without judgement. It means paying attention to yourself and the things you do. Being in the present with your attention can give you more rest and better concentration.


In the training you will learn to focus you attention, for example at your breath or your body, so you will be more aware of (automatic) thoughts, feelings and physical reactions. Besides focusing your attention, you will learn to be more open to what’s there, without judging, so you can be present with whatever there is in a relaxed way. You can learn mindfulness by practicing the exercises you learn in the training, but also in everyday life, by doing ordinary things with attention. The training consists of 8 sessions of 2 hours.


Scientific research has shown that this training may lead to

  • Improvement of cognitive functions
  • Decrease of anxiety, worrying, ruminating and depressive symptoms
  • Being better able to relax

For whom

  • Do you have trouble focusing your attention at studying?
  • Are you tensed, or are you inclined to worrying?
  • Do you find it difficult to keep your attention at what you are doing?
  • Are you constantly busy thinking about things from the past or the future?

If you recognize this, you might benefit from the mindfulness training. This will require you to practice mindfulness exercises every day for 45 minutes.


April 4 up to and including May 30 2018


10.00 -12.00 hrs.




An intake will take place prior to subscription, to decide whether participation in this group would help you. Enrolment is not possible. An announcement will be posted on SIN-Online when enrolment is possible.