Registration and unenrolment

Prospective students who are about to start an academic programme, as well as current students who are about to start a subsequent academic year within their programme, must register or enrol for their programme at - or before - the start of the academic year. This page gives an overview of all matters relating to registrations for academic programmes at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

Attention: Do not forget to check the admission requirements for the programme you want to register for before registering. If you fulfill these requirements, feel free to register.  

More information:

Visit the website 'Registration', or refer to its below-stated subpages directly:

  • Registration (for prospective students of academic programmes at EUR)
  • Re-enrolment (for current students that wish to re-enrol for subsequent years within their programme)
  • Terminating enrolment / Unenrolment (for current students who wish to terminate their studies, students that are about to graduate, as well as information regarding tuition fee reimbursement)
  • Tuition fees (information about tuition fees for both programmes and transfer programmes, making payments, EUR Excellence Scholarships)
  • Student card (general information on obtaining, using and replacing an EUR student card)
  • Other types of academic programmes (such as minors, electives and Higher Education for Senior Citizens)