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Looking to come live and study in Rotterdam? Great choice, we can’t wait to welcome you!

Important to know is that student housing in the Netherlands is not arranged for you by the university. This is your own responsibility. We strongly advise you to plan ahead and start looking at least 3 months before arrival. Most of our students find their student home on the private market.

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Student housing in the Netherlands

Living as a student in the Netherlands often means having your own bedroom but sharing a kitchen and bathroom. Doing your own cooking is pretty common, as is DIY cleaning – up to the point where, for some students, both become social events they don’t want to miss!

Generally, international students find rental prices in the Netherlands and Rotterdam pretty high. However, this year’s International Student Barometer survey showed that the quality of Rotterdam student digs is higher than that of rooms in any other Dutch university cities.

Being able to find  a room that perfectly suits your budget depends largely on having a local social network – which obviously is hard to create from abroad. We advise you to become part of our International Office Facebook page. This page offers current information on housing options and deadlines and allows you to share experiences with your fellow students or ask for help. Experience learns that the longer you study or stay in Rotterdam, the more local people you will know, making it easier to find a better deal, room-wise. Here you find more information on the estimated cost of living.

Short stay accommodation

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) can offer accommodation for roughly 20% of our yearly incoming international students through Student Housing Agency SSH (Stichting Studenten Huisvesting Rotterdam). These SSH rooms are reserved for international students staying in the Netherlands for 12 months or less. They will be claimed on a first come first serve basis. Registering for a room with SSH is pretty easy. 

Most of you will have to look for a room on the private market. Start by making sure you know what the housing options in Rotterdam are and familiarize yourself with the different Rotterdam neighbourhoods and their location compared to the location of our campuses.

Living on tomorrow’s campus

The majority of the 500+ rooms for short stay students are situated on our Woudestein campus, in the F- and the Hatta-building.

Since 2010 campus Woudestein has been under construction. In September 2013 the first phase of the masterplan was festively opened. Since the start of the academic year 2013-2014 you can enjoy a new Campus Heart where you can stroll over the Erasmus Plaza, go to a movie or another cultural activity in the Erasmus Pavilion, afterwards you can drink or eat at the pavilion, relaxing with friends around the pond. During the academic year of 2013-2016 the second phase of the masterplan will be constructed. This phase is based on educational developments, the wishes of faculties and students and our own ambition to develop a sustainable campus while safeguarding the future of our buildings.

To find out what all this hard work is leading to and to get an impression of the beautiful green landscape that is being created, just take a look at Campus under construction.

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Student housing via SSH

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