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Tuesday 13 Apr 2021, 12:00

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Tuesday 13 Apr 2021, 13:00

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Public Security: a private matter?
Massimo Fattori

For Thomas Hobbes, society functions when the State is the only one entitled to the use of force for protecting citizens. Therefore, it is the only actor charged with ensuring public security and safety. Today, we would have long arguments with Hobbes. Why? Sure, public security is a priority for governments. However, governments alone are unable to provide security for their citizens: this is when the private industry steps in. 

In a world full of algorithms, technologies, online wars, and cyber threats, governments partner with private companies able to respond to and prevent new threats and crimes. In this mechanism where law and politics trudge to keep up with AI and digital menaces, it is possible to identify a shift in roles: private individuals do not just pay taxes and expect the state to protect them anymore, but take on an active role, together with States, in ensuring public security.  Based on a comparative qualitative content analysis of websites of private security companies, the presentation discusses narrative and discourse of the private sector when advertising security technologies to governments. Why do States need them? How are threats portrayed? And most of all, is this narrative shaping public security policies, too? 

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