The Impact of Lustration and Vetting Measures in Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe
Reflections 30 years after the transition

History @ Erasmus seminar: Cynthia Horne

Start date

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019, 15:30

End date

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019, 17:30

Polak Building
Campus Woudestein

Dr. Cynthia Horne is Professor in the Political Science Department at Western Washington University. Currently she is a visiting research fellow at the NIOD Institute of War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

She investigates assessments of transitional justice measures and how transitional justice has affected a variety of state building and societal reconciliation goals, such as creating trustworthy public institutions, supporting democratization and good governance, reducing corruption and facilitating interpersonal trust and robust civil societies.


History @ Erasmus and Center for Historical Culture


Polak Building room 1-23
Campus Woudestein Rotterdam

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Moderator: Prof. dr. Maria Grever

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