Coming to study in Rotterdam or going on exchange? How are you going to finance your studies + living costs?

Don’t get us wrong: we think it’s great that you’re considering to study abroad! Thinking about your finances however, should happen before you apply. You don’t want to run into surprises like not being able to continue studying because you ran out of money. So plan ahead

How to plan your finances?

See below for the information you need, when thinking about financing your studies.
If after going through the information below you still have questions, please know that we’re here to help.

1 Tuition fees EUR

Check tuition fees per study programme.

What do I need to pay?

2 Costs of living

See how the Netherlands compares to your own country.

Cheaper or more expensive?

3 Budget plan

Make a budget plan for your study period.

Show me how this works

4 Financial aid

Need some help in financing your stay?

Show me the options

5 Dutch bank account

Receive deposits and pay monthly memberships.

Do I need a Dutch bank account?

6 Jobs in the Netherlands

Find out if working next to your studies is possible for you.

A side-job: yes or no?