Media & Business
How digital media change businesses

Study programme

New digital technologies and globalisation have transformed the business of media as well as the life of other industries. International trade has strongly increased, markets have converged, ownership structures have shifted, consumer behaviour has changed, and new media products and business models have been developed. The Media & Business programme explores these developments and ways in which media firms and other companies adapt to altering business conditions and new modes of communication and business.  

Students will use state-of-the-art theory and by working on real cases for companies you will learn to trace and analyse the fast paced technological and organisational changes in the media business. You will dive into the multiple challenges faced by companies, entrepreneurs and policymakers in the media industries and other business fields. By exploring the impact of new media technologies on existent business models as well as their innovative potential you will stand out amongst your peers in the labour market.

Curriculum and courses

Below you can view the fulltime programme of the Master Media & Business for this year. Please note that content, themes and scheduling of seminars and workshops is subject to change and may vary in subsequent academic years.

The master programme can also be completed part time. We do not offer any evening classes, but the course load can be spread over two years. A personal study programme will be developed in agreement with the Student Advisor.

Course preview

Media Economics and Media Management (Media and Business)

  • Term 1

    • Course code: CM4101

      Student workload: 5 EC

    • Corporate management with Social Media


      5 EC

      Media Economics and Media Management


    • Course code: CM4100

      Student workload: 5 EC

    Term 2

    • Strategic Mass Communication


      5 EC

      Digital Media and Consumer Culture


      Corporate Social Responsibility Communication


      New Media Marketing & Advertising


    • Advertising, Gender and the Body


      5 EC

      Brands, Media and Identity


      Global Advertising


      Diversity and Inclusion in Strategic CommunicationCM4160
    • Course code: CM4550

      Student workload: 5 EC

    Term 3

    • Social Media Campaigns


      5 EC

      Entrepreneurship in Media & Business


      Leadership Communication: Strategies and Trends


    • Course code: CM4104

      Student workload: 5 EC

    Term 1-4

    • Course code: CM4500

      Student workload: 2 EC

    • Course code: CM5000

      Student workload: 18 EC