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Choosing the right university and study programme can be a challenge. Following the general information of the Open Day, you can find more in-depth information about the content, courses and career opportunities by clicking on the programme.

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​​​​​​Practical matters, in addition to everything you need to know about the content of your study.  

You will be trained to envision new possibilities and establish new models for the organization of arts and culture, using cutting-edge insights on policy, marketing, audiences and education.

You can work at the heart of (international) cultural organisations, government agencies, a cultural or creative NGO/SME. Be the one who defines new business models, gives PR advice or makes policies.

Are you interested in the social, cultural and ethical consequences of new and established technologies, the way that our use of terms like ‘privacy’ and ‘security’ actually shape people’s lives, the interplay between technology shaping our lives, and social actors shaping technology? Then this is the master for you.

In the master Global History and International Relations, you focus on cutting-edge questions related to historical processes of globalisation, international relations and cultural encounters.

You will be up for jobs such as media analyst, communications adviser, marketer, media planner, product/brand manager, and policy maker.

Media & Creative Industries covers current issues in organisation, policies, production, management, marketing and distribution of media companies and creative industries.

Many graduates fulfil management, marketing, and public relations functions in the media and communication sector, the creative industries or the art world. 

You will be an in-demand professional who works for governments or (inter)national organisations in the domains of tourism, heritage or culture. Create solutions for today's tourist industry.

Would you like to obtain a Master's degree in History, Arts and Culture Studies or Media & Communication, but do you lack the correct prior education? Then you are a likely candidate to enrol in one of our pre-master programmes. These one-year programmes help you to bridge the knowledge gap and prepare you for one of our Master programmes.

You will follow several crucial courses at the bachelor’s level. There are also courses designed specifically for the Pre-Master's programme.

You will follow certain courses of the bachelor History. You will become acquainted with cultural, social and economic history and with the history of international relations. 

This is the premaster programme for Media & Business, Media & Creative Industries en Media, Culture & Society. 

During the pre-master's programme, you will enrol in selected courses at the undergraduate level. You will become acquainted with key concepts and approaches in media and communication studies and the social sciences.

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