Dr. Marc Verboord in De Morgen about Top 2000

Dr Marc Verboord in De Morgen about Top 2000

Dr. Marc Verboord, Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Communication, was interviewed by the Flemish newspaper De Morgen for an article on big music charts such as the Top 1000. While back in the day the Top 40 was what people listened to, these days charts are becoming much more extensive. Why are these charts so popular?

The advantage of a long chart, according to Ewoud Ceulemans, author of the article, is that it can go beyond Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. The song at number 1000 may have only had three votes, but these voters will have the feeling that their favorite radio station takes their taste in music seriously.

Dr. Verboord explains that the will to participate is part of the reason why big charts such as a Top 1000 or Top 2000 are so popular. "The Top 2000 of the Dutch radio station Radio 2 has become a true event that listeners feel connected to. During the programme, the dj lets people speak and reads out messages about the favorite songs of the listeners. Through these interactions, the radio station makes it a very personal experience."

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