(Vincent) V Baptist

(Vincent) V Baptist
PhD candidate Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication Department of History
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Vincent Baptist is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication.

His doctoral research is part of the European HERA-funded project ‘Pleasurescapes: Port Cities’ Transnational Forces of Integration’. Within this collaborative project, he investigates public spaces of entertainment that were located in the city of Rotterdam throughout the period 1880-1975. He is also affiliated to the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus research consortium 'PortCityFutures', and to Huizinga Instituut, the national research school for Cultural History in the Netherlands.

Vincent previously worked as a Pre PhD Fellow in the digital humanities research program CREATE at the University of Amsterdam, where his research was partially linked to the CLARIAH Amsterdam Time Machine project. From 2018 to 2020, he was an editorial assistant for NECSUS - European Journal of Media Studies.

Vincent obtained a Research Master in Media Studies (University of Amsterdam), with special research interests in film festivals and processes of film circulation and distribution. He also holds a BA in Media Studies (University of Amsterdam) and a BSc in Business Economics (KU Leuven).

  • Vincent Baptist (2022) - Pleasure near the Port: Spaces and Legacies of Notorious Entertainment Culture in 20th-Century Rotterdam
  • Vincent Baptist (2022) - Water, Ports, and Culture in Cities and Landscapes
  • Vincent Baptist (2021) - Pandemic Visions of Venice: What Three Cinematic Portraits Can Tell Us of a City Plagued by Tourism
  • Vincent Baptist (2021) - Criminal or Cosmopolitan: Discourses of Safety on Rotterdam’s Interbellum Pleasurescape in Municipal and Audiovisual Sources
  • Vincent Baptist (2020) - Researching Port Cities’ Historical Entertainment Culture: Reflecting on Hedonism and Heterotopia in Times of Corona
  • Yvonne Van Mil, Vincent Baptist, Thomas Van den Brink, Hilde Sennema & Tianchen Dai (2020) - Mapping Maritime Mindsets: Towards a Shared Methodology
  • Vincent Baptist (2020) - Pleasurescapes and Port Cities: Notes on Interconnected Concepts and Methodologies
  • V (Vincent) Baptist & PT (Paul) van de Laar (2020) - Pleasurescapes Pre-EAUH Conference Workshop
  • Vincent Baptist (2019) - From Festivals to Distributors and Cinemas: A Holistic and Empirical Approach to Film Circulation
  • Vincent Baptist, Julia Noordegraaf & Thunnis Van Oort (2019) - Amsterdam Cinema Audiences: Local Practices of Film Exhibition and Consumption in Amsterdam Neighborhoods During the Early 20th Century (Panel Presentation)

  • V (Vincent) Baptist (2022) - Best Conference Paper 2021
  • Vincent Baptist (2022) - CLARIAH Research Fellowship

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