Project 1

Heritage educators and history teachers: concepts and ideas

Project update

The project has resulted in the following publications so far:

  • Stephan Klein, Maria Grever en Carla van Boxtel, ‘”Zie, denk, voel, vraag, spreek, hoor en verwonder.” Afstand en nabijheid in geschiedenisonderwijs en erfgoededucatie in Nederland’, Tijdschrift voor geschiedenis 124 (2011) nr.3, 381-395.
  • Stephan Klein, 'Heritage and the history classroom. The views of history teachers and heritage educators in the Netherlands' in: Carla van Boxtel, Stephan Klein and Ellen Snoep (eds.), Heritage education: challenges in dealing with the past (Amsterdam, Erfgoed Nederland 2011) 14-21.
  • Stephan Klein, 'De leerling als reiziger in tijd en ruimte. Over effecten van afstand en nabijheid tot het verleden', Kleio (juni 2012).

Two articles are in preparation. In April/May 2010, I interviewed four teachers and two heritage educators twice on the topic “Transatlantic slave trade and slavery”. These data have been analyzed and a concept version of the article has been written. Another article will deal with heritage of the Holocaust in a local context. Both studies have been presented at international meetings:

  • Stephan Klein, 'Teaching Atlantic slavery: the knowledge base of Dutch history teachers and heritage educators', paper presented at the Seminar Theorizing and exploring opportunities of heritage education (Erfgoed Nederland / EUR), Amsterdam, November 17th , 2011.
  • Stephan Klein, 'Imagining the Holocaust in your own environment. A heritage educator and history teacher perspective'. Paper presented at the International Conference Geschichtsdidaktik Empirisch 12, Deutschschweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichtsdidaktik, Pädagogische Hochschule Nordwestschweitz, Basel, February 17th, 2012.

Project information

This project focuses on the concepts and ideas of heritage education and history teaching. It has a theoretical and an empirical component. The first aims at answering the question to what extent the theoretical assumptions of heritage education are different from those of history teaching. The second aims at understanding how history teachers and designers of heritage education programs actually think about this relationship when considering goals for learning about the past by students of various backgrounds.

Sources are: Interviews with open questions and task-based instruments with several textual and (audio-) visual tools.

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Post-doc, Heritage educators and history teachers: concepts and ideas