History Didactics Collection

November 23, 2007 the well known Dutch history teacher trainer and textbook author Leo Dalhuisen of Leiden University has donated his large international collection of history textbooks, literature, audio-visual materials and documentation on the learning and teaching of history to the Center for Historical Culture (CHC).

The Erasmus University Library will integrate the Dalhuisen collection with existing collections in the field of history teaching and history didactics. Subject librarian history, culture and media, drs. Jan Jüngen manages this project. Several persons and institutions have donated their books, documents and audio-visual materials on history didactics to the Center for Historical Culture and Erasmus University Library.
The combined 'History Didactics Collection' (HDC) has been made searchable through the Library Catalogue. More than 4300 titles are available. The Library has created a special reading room where the HDC is available for research on site.

Jan Jüngen has been interviewed about the 'History Didactics Collection': D. Rutten, 'Old School-geschiedenis onthuld', Erasmus Magazine 5 (2009) 9.

History Didactics Collection

Where can I find the collection?

The HDC is located at Erasmus University Library, campus Woudestein www.eur.nl/ub

CHC and Erasmus University Library collaborate with the National Museum of Education (Rotterdam). This Museum contains large archives on the history of Dutch education and a highly valuable collection of historic wall-pictures. See www.onderwijsmuseum.nl.

In the near future CHC and Erasmus University Library will also collaborate with the Amsterdam 'Landelijk Expertisecentrum Mens- en Maatschappijvakken', concerning the textbooks on the theory of history didactics. See www.expertisecentrum-mmv.nl

Spring 2009 the whole collection will be available for research. However, it will be possible for researchers to have access to this collection before. For information, please contact the librarian drs. Jan Jüngen: jungen@ubib.eur.nl