Affiliate Members

  • Payal Arora PhD

    Full Professor of  Technology, Values, and Global Media Cultures

    Erasmus School of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Portrait of Arora Payal
  • Ton Bevers PhD 

    Emeritus Professor of Arts and Culture Studies

    Dept. of Arts and Culture Studies (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)

    Portrait of Ton Bevers
  • Pawan Bhansing PhD

    Researcher and consultant in organisational psychology and the cultural and creative industries

  • Arno van der Hoeven PhD

    Senior Policy Advisor

    Rotterdam Arts Council

    Portrait of Arno van der Hoeven
  • Arjo Klamer PhD

    Em. Professor of Cultural Economics

    Dept. of Arts and Culture Studies

  • Janna Michael PhD

    Senior Research and Project Manager

    Boekman Foundation

    Portrait of Janna Michael

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