ERMeCC PhD Graduates

  • Pauwke Berkers PhD

    Classification into the Literary Mainstream? Ethnic Boundaries in the Literary Fields of the United States, Germany and the Netherlands, 1955-2005

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Marc Verboord

  • Leonieke Bolderman PhD

    Musical topophilia. A critical analysis of contemporary music tourism

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Stijn Reijnders & Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen

  • Anna van Dillen PhD

    What Happened to Autonomy? Visual Arts Practices in the Creative Industries Era

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Pascal Gielen (Fontys Hogeschool Tilburg) 

  • Simone Driessen PhD

    The affordances of repackaged popular music from the past

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Jiska Engelbert

  • Qiong Gong PhD

    Social Media Use, Media Credibility and Online Engagement Among Young Adults in China

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Marc Verboord

  • Femke van Hest PhD

    Territorial Factors in a Globalised Art World?

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen & Prof. dr. J. Fabiani

  • Arno van der Hoeven PhD

    Popular Music Memories. Places and Practices of Popular Music Heritage, Memory and Cultural Identity

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen 

  • Ruud Jacobs PhD

    Persuasive Gaming: from theory-based design to validation and back

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz
    Copromotor: Dr. Julia Kneer

  • Miriam van de Kamp PhD

    Where Corporate Culture and Local Markets Meet. Music and Film Majors in the Netherlands, 1990-2005

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Ton Bevers & Prof. dr. Paul Rutten (University of Leiden)
    Copromotor: Dr. Erik Hitters 

  • Annemarie Kersten PhD

    Terms of Enjoyment. Film Classification and Critics’ Discourse in Comparative Perspective

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Marc Verboord

  • Martijn Kleppe PhD

    Canonical Iconic Photographs. The role of (press) photos in Dutch historiography

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Henri Beunders

  • Emy Koopman PhD

    Reading Suffering: an empirical inquiry into empathic and reflective responses to literary narratives

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotors: Dr. Els Adringa & Dr. Frank Hakemulder

  • Janna Michael PhD

    Negotiating Normalcy and Difference:Discourses on cultural taste and symbolic boundaries

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Koen van Eijck
    Copromotor: Dr. Laura Braden

  • Julian Schaap PhD

    Elvis Has Finally Left the Building? Boundary work, whiteness and the reception of rock music in comparative perspective

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Koen van Eijck
    Copromotor: Dr. Pauwke Berkers

  • Vaughn Schmutz PhD

    The Classification and Consecration of Popular Music: Critical Discourse and Cultural Hierarchies

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen & Prof. dr. Timothy J. Dowd (Emory University)

  • Marjon Schols PhD

    Young, Online and Connected. The Impact of Everyday Internet Use of Dutch Adolescents on Social Cohesion 

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Jos de Haan / Prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz & Prof. dr. Valerie Frissen

  • Sadrag Shihomeka PhD

    Citizen Engagement. Politics and Digital Media in Namibia

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen & Dr. Payal Arora

  • Mijke Slot PhD

    The Extended Media Consumer. Online media consumption, production and use in an age of participation

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Valerie Frissen & Prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz

  • Alex van Venrooij PhD

    Classifications in Popular Music. Discourses and Meaning Structures in American, Dutch and German Popular Music Reviews

    Promotors: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen & Prof. dr. Timothy J. Dowd (Emory University)

  • Olivier van der Vet PhD

    Dutch Pop Music Is Here To Stay: Continuity and Innovation of Dutch Pop Music between 1960-1990

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Ton Bevers
    Copromotor: Dr. Wouter de Nooy

  • Abby Waysdorf PhD

    Locating Imaginations: an interdisciplinary perspective on literary, film and music tourism.

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Stijn Reijnders & Prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen

  • Wes Wierda PhD

    Music Publishers Revisited. The Significance of a Hidden Creative Industry

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Erik Hitters

  • Yosha van Wijngaarden PhD

    Places of co-working. Situating innovation in the creative industries

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Copromotor: Dr. Erik Hitters

  • Yeon Sun (Rosa) Won PhD

    Assessing urban qualities within the new economy. A value based approach to cities.

    Promotor: Em. prof. A. Klamer
    Co-promotor: Dr. M. Lavanga

  • Lei Yang PhD

    Health Communication Research Among the Chinese Hui Ethnic Minority Group in Shenyang City

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz
    Copromotor: Dr. Yuping Mao

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