PhD Candidates at ERMeCC

  • Portrait of Victoria Balan

    Victoria Balan MSc

    Discourses of Digital Citizen Activism

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotor: Dr. Delia Dumitrica

  • Portrait of Zeynep Birsel

    Zeynep Birsel

    Transdisciplinary encounters in the Creative Industries: A Comparative Study on integrated knowledge creation at the intersection of art, science and technology

    Promotor: Prof. Filip Vermeylen
    Supervisors: Dr. Lénia Marques and Dr. Ellen Loots

  • Simeng Chang MA

    Reconcile or not? an empirical study on the relationship between price and reputation in contemporary art

    Promotor: Prof. dr.Koen van Eijck/
    Co-promoter: Dr. Marilena Vecco

  • Kaixin Cheng

    Kaixin Cheng MA

    lmmersive journalism, 360° news video and the audience's trust in news media

    Promotors: Prof. Dr. Marc Verboord, Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen

  • Portrait of Henry Chow

    Henry Chow MSc

    Priceless experience: commoditisation and singularisation of K-drama tourism

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Stijn Reijnders
    Co-promotor: Sean Kim (Edith Cowan University, Perth)

  • Portrait of Olga Coretcaia

    Olga Coretcaia  MSc

    (Re-) making Urban Economies. Sustainability Beyond Capitalism

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders
    Co-promotor: Dr. Amanda Brandellero

  • Portrait of Aria Daga

    Aria Daga

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Filip Vermeylen
    Co-promotor: Dr. Christian Handke

  • Portrait of Anne van Eldik

    Anne van Eldik MA, MSc

    Urban Media Engagement

    Promotors: Prof. Dr. Jeroen Jansz & Prof. Dr. Liesbeth van Zoonen
    Co-promotor: Dr. Julia Kneer

  • Portrait picture of Nicky van Es

    Nicky van Es MSc

    Locating Imagination: an interdisciplinary perspective on literary, film and music tourism.

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders

  • Massimo Fattori MA

    Destructuring Public Security: Synergies and Antagonism among Security Practitioners

    Promotors: Prof. Dr. Gabrielle Jacobs,  Dr. Daniel Trottier

  • Mariana Fried MSc

    Beyond the Silicon Valley story: An ethnographic approach to digital worker’s discursive production of smart cities

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotors: Dr. Isabel Awad,  Dr Jiska Engelbert

  • Leonor Gaitan Aguilar MA

    Intercultural Communication Competence and Global Citizenship in Higher Education

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Jeroen Jansz
    Co-promotor: Dr. Joep Hofhuis

  • Portrait picture of Ulrike Hahn

    Ulrike Hahn MSc MA  

    Imagining climate change: The visual arts to the rescue?

    Promotors: Prof. Dr. Filip Vermeylen & Prof. Dr. Katja Kwastek
    Copromotor:  Dr. Pauwke Berkers

  • Portrait of Zouhair Hammana

    Zouhair Hammana MSc 

    Engagement with cultural diversity in secondary education

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen, Prof. Dr. Marc Verboord

  • Portrait picture of Phuong Hoan Le

    Phuong Hoan Le

    Introducing Gig Community Identification: On the Psychological and Communicative Bond Among Gig Workers

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotors: Dr. Vidhi Chaudhri & Dr. Yijing Wang

  • Marleen Hofland-Mol

    For what is worth - The appreciation of arts and crafts in the Netherlands

    Promotor: Arjo Klamer
    Co-promotor: Anna Mignosa

  • Portrait picture of Qian Huang

    Qian Huang MA

    Digital Vigilantism in China: Mediated Visibility in the context of Social Change and Social Harm

    Promotor: Dr. Daniel Trottier, Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen

  • Daniela Jarramilo-Dent MA

    Platformed Migrant Narratives: Mediated (Self)representations of Migration on Social Media

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Payal Arora
    Co-promotor: Dr. Amanda Alencar

  • Portrait picture of Karen Klijnhout

    Karen Klijnhout MSc

    The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Urban Cultural Organizations

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen, Prof. Dr. Marc Verboord
    Co-promotors: Dr. Isabel Awad-Cherit 

  • Portrait picture of Yongjian Li

    Yongjian Li MA  

    ICTs for integration: digital media and internal migration in contemporary China

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotor: Dr. Amanda Alencar

  • Portrait picture of Arne van Lienden

    Arne van Lienden MA

    Televising Difference: Race and Ethnicity in Polish Televised Football

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg
    Co-promotor: Dr. Melodine Sommier

  • Portrait picture of Carmen Longas Luque

    Carmen Longas Luque MSc

    How racist is Spanish televised football?

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg
    Co-promotor: Dr. Melodine Sommier

  • Portrait of Emily Mannheimer

    Emily Mannheimer MSc

    Imagining the Divided City

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders, Prof. dr. Maria Grever
    Co-promotors: Dr. Amanda Brandellero

  • Palesa Mashigo MA

    Racism, Football and Communication

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg
    Co-promotor:  Dr. Joao Ferreira Goncalves,  Dr. Theresa de La Hera

  • Portrait of Valeria Morea

    Valeria Morea

    Promotor: Arjo Klamer

  • Portrait picture of Martijn Mulder

    Martijn Mulder, MSc

    Music Venues and Festivals: Staging the Live Music Experience

    Promotor: Dr. Erik Hitters, Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotors: Dr. Paul Rutten

  • Portrait of Shirley Nieuwland

    Shirley Nieuwland, MSc

    Urban Tourism in Creative Cities: Towards Sustainable Development

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Filip Vermeylen
    Co-promotor: Dr. Mariangela Lavanga

  • Portrait picture of Tessa Oomen

    Tessa Oomen MA  

    Digitalisation in healthcare organisations and its implications for cybersecurity communication practices

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Martine van Selm
    Co-promotor: Dr. Jason Pridmore

  • Portrait picture of Débora Póvoa

    Débora Póvoa

    From the Amazon to Copacabana: film (and) tourism in Brazil

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders
    Co-promotor: Dr. Emiel Martens

  • Patrick Peter MBA

    Examining the Multi-Faceted Nature of Intrapreneurship: Strategy-as-Practice Perspectives

    Promotor: Dr. Erik Hitters, Prof. dr. Sabine Baumann
    Co-promotor: Dr. Sven-Ove Horst

  • Portrait of Rosa Schiavone

    Rosa Schiavone MSc

    Contestations over tourist space: Film tourism in the UK

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders, Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen

  • Portrait picture of Jasmin Seijbel

    Jasmin Seijbel MA MSc

    Dutch Football Supporters and Antisemitism in the 21st Century

    Promotors: Prof dr. Gijsbert Oonk, Prof. Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg, Prof. Dr. Maria Grever

  • Portrait of Britt Swartjes

    Britt Swartjes MA

    Hearing diversities: how music can bring people together

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Koen van Eijck
    Co-promotor: Dr. Pauwke Berkers

  • Portrait of Femke Vandenberg

    Femke Vandenberg

    The Aesthetic Dispositions of 'Illegitimate' Cultural Consumers

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Koen van Eijck
    Co-promotor: Dr. Michael Berghman

  • Portrait of Bartosz Zerebecki

    Bartosz Zerebecki MSc

    Depolarizing Narratives: The role of online shows in promoting sociability with minorities and people of different points of view in Poland

    Promotor: Prof. dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotors: Dr. Joep Hofhuis & Dr. Sanne Opree

  • Portrait picture of Ye Zhen

    Zhen Ye, MA

    Livestreaming Industry in China: An Investigation of Cultural Production, Labour and Platformization

    Promotor: Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen
    Co-promotor: Dr. Tonny Krijnen

  • Portrait picture of Lise Zurné

    Lise Zurne MA

    Performing sensitive pasts: Exploring historical reenactments in Europe and Indonesia.

    Promotors: Prof. Dr. Maria Grever & Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders
    Co-promotor: Dr. Robert-Jan Adriaansen

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