GHRC Current Projects and Academic Interaction

Current research projects (co-)initiated by GHRC (members), and/or contributing to

Recent Workshops and conferences (co-)organized by GHRC (members) at EUR or elsewhere

  • Symposium “Who is afraid of Black Pete?’ (17-11-2015).
  • Lecture series ‘The Geopolitics of Masculinity’ (2016 -   ) (with the Erasmus Institute for Public Knowledge's Burning Issues).
  • Guest lecture dr. Paul Silverstein (Reed College, USA), ‘Indigenous Masculinities in Berber Morocco: Colonial Violence and Postcolonial Recuperations (07-04-2016).
  • Workshop ‘Changing Governance in Asia’ (06-06-2016).
  • Workshop ‘What constitutes Global History?’ (07-06-2016).

Former projects GHRC members have participated in

  • NWO/WOTRO research project ‘South Asians in Diaspora’.
  • NWO research project ‘Globalisation and Cultural Heritage’.
  • NWO research project ‘Back to the Roots’.

GHRC members form a.o. part of the following networks

  • Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (CISA), University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg.
  • Indian Ocean History network of the Indian Ocean World Centre in Canada.
  • UNESCO Slavery network (Slave Route Project).
  • Centre for Global Heritage and Development (Leiden/Delft/Rotterdam).
  • Maroon Research Center (Suriname).
  • ‘Europe’s Asian Centuries, trading Eurasia’ project (University of Warwick).
  • Center for Historical Culture (Rotterdam).