SSN2020 and Corona/COVID-19

As has become clear mid-March, hosting the Surveillance & Society Conference in early June in Rotterdam is no longer feasible. Even if conditions improve dramatically in the coming weeks, too many of our participants are unable to join us due to funding issues and restrictions that extend well into June. As this event is normally held once every two years, in consultation between the SSN board and our local organising committee, we have decided to postpone the conference one year.

Planning at this stage is tentative, but, as this time period is ideal for most of our participants, the conference is intended to occur during a similar time period (early June) in 2021. Although it may be difficult to commit to anything at the moment, we would be honoured if you would still consider presenting at and participating in the SSN conference in 2021. More details about this will be forthcoming.

For those of you who have already registered and paid for the conference, we are working with our Finance department to reimburse you as soon as possible.

For those who submitted a panel, please make sure that this information is distributed further to all the panelists in your session.

We will be in touch in the near future with more information about this postponement as more information becomes available. If you have any remaining questions, please contact us at This email address will remain in use for now.

We hope to see you in Rotterdam in 2021 and in the meantime, please stay healthy and safe!