Volunteer work

There are various agencies that can help you do volunteer work abroad, especially in developing countries. You could do a project via AIESEC or Kembé for instance.


AIESEC is the largest student-run, non-profit organisation in the world. Besides professional internships, AIESEC also provides voluntary projects (6-8 weeks) in three segments: teaching, social entrepreneurship or health- and environmental issues. The projects operate in a wide range of counties, mostly in Asia, South America and Africa. You will work together with other students from around the globe to have a positive impact on the local community. Accommodation is often provided. For more information can be found on www.aiesec.nl or send an email to application.rotterdam@aiesec.nl.

Counterpart Travels

Counterpart Travels is a project of the Dutch organisation SYPO and organises projects in Uganda.


Kembé is an international student organisation which strives to fight poverty through social entrepreneurship. Kembé aims to set up an entrepreneurial project in a new country each year. At this moment, its projects are located in three countries, spread over three continents and three industries. Even though these projects are scattered across the planet, they all have a number of things in common, they:

  • are financially sustainable;
  • have a positive impact on local businesses and people;
  • use of local products;
  • transfer knowledge;
  • and enhance the personal development of volunteers (students).

More information on the projects, available positions or contact information can be found on www.en.kembe.nl.

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