Bachelor thesis


The Bachelor phase of our study programme is completed by preparing a thesis. This assignment reports on a research activity performed independently by the student. This means that the student was responsible for the formulation of the problem definition and the research set-up, has performed the ‘field work’ activities independently and has written a report on everything that can be understood and verified by their peers. The research activity can be performed at a variety of institutes. The choice of subject is basically free, but there must be a clear relationship with health care. The problem definition itself should naturally be suitable for scientific research.

Your institution can provide subjects for a thesis. The student should, however, be given the opportunity to adjust the problem definition and the research method if required, for example, to make the question researchable and to prevent the answer from implicitly appearing in the problem definition: after all, students are not supposed to be used to provide a priori affirming answers to the hypotheses formulated by an institution.

Period and study load

The bachelor thesis is written at the end of the bachelor programme, in the period from September to May inclusive, and has a study load of 504 hours (18 ECTS). You have until 1 September to submit a research question to the coordinator Jane Cramm, PhD.


The students are individually supervised by an expect lecturer from ESHPM and also in a group by a (usually different) lecturer, who mainly helps to safeguard the process (including the timeline). To improve efficiency, a reasonably strict schedule of points in time is drawn up, when parts (choice of subject and problem definition, work plan and final report) must be submitted. Additional supervision by your institution is possible, but ESHPM always bears final responsibility.

Contact person

If you have any questions about the Bachelor thesis, please contact the coordinator Jane Cramm, PhD (telephone: 010 4088 555, e-mail: