'Blik op de Zorg' internship


The ‘Blik op de Zorg’ (View on Health Care) internship is a mandatory care internship for first-year bachelor students. This is an introductory internship during which students join a care provider for two weeks at a department in an institute within the health care sector.


Familiarising oneself with the primary process and gaining experience in a care institution are the key objectives of this subject. Additionally, students are encouraged to reflect on their own role during the practical training period. Finally, students should ask themselves what the insights they have obtained from care in practice could mean for how they perform their future profession.

Study load and registration

The internship is held at the end of the first trimester of the first year of study, namely in week 46 and week 47. The internship lasts for two weeks (60 hours). You can submit an internship request in August and September.

Preparation and supervision

The students are prepared for the internship by our programme by means of lectures and tutorials. The specific supervision is to be provided by your institute. The supervisor at the care institute therefore is the primary point of contact for the student at the workplace. Furthermore, the internship coordinator of ESHPM provides support if there are questions and issues. The internship must be completed under the strict supervision and responsibility of certified care providers. Interns are not supposed to carry out nursing-related activities. The nature of the internship is observational. Naturally, interns from ESHPM can assist during work to be performed where possible.


The institute supervisor determines 30% of the final mark given to the student for the internship. An internship report to be written by the intern determines the other 70%. This internship report is assessed by the ESHPM lecturers.

Contact person

If you have any questions about the internship, please contact the internship coordinator, Anushka Choté (telephone: (010) 408 8555, e-mail: chote@eshpm.eur.nl). Secretarial support is provided by the Education Service Centre.