'Werken in de Zorg' internship


The ‘Werken in de Zorg’ (Working in Health Care) internship is a practical training period for third-year bachelor students with the general objective of introducing students to and allowing them to gain experience in the health care field. ESHPM trains students for policy, staff, management, research and consultancy positions in the health care sector. The internship is intended to allow students to experience what working in one of these positions means and how they manage to do so. Every internship is a combination of learning by watching, and learning by doing.

1.1 Work-shadowing (40 hours)

The student work-shadows one or more members of staff in the categories mentioned above for around 40 hours. The student must also be given the opportunity to have discussion with members of staff (subject, of course, to any conditions you may impose), and to attend meetings during those 40 hours. Students define a ‘research question’ for their internship that they have to answer at the end. This question relates to the role of the staff member in the organization, and his/her involvement in a process. This process can be generic, like managing a department, or more specific like implementing an electronic medical record. During the work shadowing and (informal) talks with the staff members the student investigates the role, knowledge and skills of the staff member. They report this on this their portfolio.

1.2. Internship assignment (200 hours)

The main part of the internship is reserved for an internship assignment. This assignment can be designed by the organization, together with the student. The internship coordinator has to assess and approve. The task must be capable of completion within 200 hours and it must be a job that would normally be done by a member of staff of your organization. Given the areas of professional life for which we educate our students, the work involved must be of a kind that would normally be done by a policy officer, executive, manager, management advisor or researcher in a research department. To decide whether an assignment is suitable, the institution should ask itself what member of staff would be given the task if no student were available to do the work. The organization is responsible for supervision of execution of the assignment, both with regard to content and methodology. The university does not give support and also does not assess the quality of the end product.

Period and study load

Students complete 240 hours of internship in the period between the 6th of March 2017 up to and including the 19th of May 2017. Exceptionally, a student may do his/her internship in another period, provided that the curriculum of the student has room for this and the ESHPM internship coordinator agrees. You can submit internship assignments from November up to mid January 2017.


The substantive supervision should be provided by your institution. Furthermore, the assessment by the internship supervisor determines 40% of the final mark given to the student for the internship. An internship report to be written by the student determines 60% of the final mark. The ESHPM internship coordinator offers support with the formulation of a suitable internship and support if there are questions or problems.

More information

An information brochure about the goals and conditions of the internship is available via this link. The registration form for an internship can be downloaded here.

Contact person

If you have any questions or require more information about the internship, please contact the internship coordinator Dr. M. de Mul (telephone: +31104081868, e-mail: stage@eshpm.eur.nl).