Building Care

Building Care: Intersections of Healthcare and Architecture

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This symposium brings together scientists, policymakers and architects to discuss places of care and place making for healthcare. How does the environment affect patients and professionals in hospitals? How is materiality employed to helbp dementia patients in nursing homes? What does the process of building buildings and creating places show about the changing landscape of healthcare in the Netherlands?

Healthcare is not confined to the hospital anymore, as health becomes a priority and a value in our day-to-day life. We talk of healing environments, green spaces and urban green developments, because health today is less about cure and more about care. This means that architects and policy makers increasingly become engaged in the processes of making care happen. It is therefore important to discuss the different “ways of knowing” in designing and building healthcare facilities. Where are the junctures and how do they matter?

We look forward to delineating and understanding the intersections of care and design in a conversation with architects, scholars and policy makers in this one-day symposium at the Erasmus University campus in Rotterdam. Join us for the workshops to find out more and engage in fruitful and fun discussions!

This symposium is organized with the support of the Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC).


Please direct any questions you might have concerning the symposium 'Building Care: Intersections of Health and Architecture' to the local organising committee via e-mail