The city of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands, with over 600,000 citizens, while the population of the greater Rotterdam region is around 1.2 million. This all started when a dam was built in the river ‘Rotte’ in 1270. The city was granted a charter in 1340. In the 15th century, Rotterdam produced perhaps its most famous son: Desiderius Erasmus, one of the founders of Humanism. Erasmus University Rotterdam is named after this philosopher.

The river Meuse runs through Rotterdam and the city is famous for its port, the largest in Europe, earning it the name ‘gateway to Europe’. Rotterdam is only a short distance from Europe’s most magnificent cities – London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Cultural life in Rotterdam is vibrant. There is a wide selection of museums, including modern art, historical treasures, architecture, photography, historical ships and exotic animals. According to the New York Times and Rough Guides, Rotterdam is a must-see city. They specifically recommend the city’s architecture.

The skyscrapers adorning the skyline along the river are fine examples of what modern architecture has to offer, while there is still a historic heart within the city. It is those skyscrapers that have given Rotterdam the nickname of ‘Manhattan on the Meuse’.

Rotterdam is famous for its many festivals and events. It is also a true sports city and holds many sports events, such as its world famous marathon, a world tennis tournament, the largest outdoor international equestrian event in the Netherlands, and many more. More information: or