Preparation for education HEPL & HE

This information is not for Eu-HEM students and exchange students coming to Erasmus University.

How to prepare: statistics

The content of the master in Health Economics, Policy & Law (HEPL) is based on the assumption that its students have already obtained a certain level of knowledge in the areas of statistics, qualitative research and Excel before they start. Usually you will have obtained this knowledge within your previous education. However, we would like to offer you the opportunity to test whether you possess this knowledge by a couple of formative test. If you are not confident or fail these tests, please take a closer look at the recommended readings you have received.

One of the first courses of the master is the course 'Advanced Research Methods'. The test below will give you an indication whether you need to review some statistical concepts before you enter this course. First, read the instruction carefully. The introduction also includes a recommended reading list in case you lack some statistical knowledge. Please take the statistics test and review your answers with the answers that are given below.

How to prepare: recommended readings for HEPL & HE 

The Master HEPL is specially designed for students holding a Bachelor Degree in Health Policy and Management, which is a multidisciplinary programme with courses in economics, law, multivariate statistical analysis, methodology, epidemiology, political science and public administration. You have been selected for HEPL or HE, however, we noticed that given your background you (may) have deficiencies.

  1. ‘List of Recommended Readings to Prepare for HEPL & HE’: with this list you can assess to what extent and in which discipline you have deficiencies. In case of any deficiency we strongly recommend to work on your deficiency prior to the start of HEPL, by reading the book(s) and/or articles that are recommended on the list. These books and articles partly contain basic concepts and theories which are assumed to be known at the start of HEPL. You are yourself responsible of eliminating these deficiencies before HEPL starts. Click here for the list.

  2. ‘Recommended readings to prepare for HEPL & HE - Schut etal (2013)’: it is important that you are familiar (to some extend) with the Dutch health care system and its reforms. We therefore strongly advise you to read the readings ‘Schut etal (2013)’ carefully before the start of your master. Click here for the readings.

In addition to these recommend readings and the statistic tests, you may also eliminate your deficiencies by:

  • Following relevant courses (e.g. in economics, law, multivariate statistical analysis, methodology, epidemiology, political science and public administration) at a recognised university;
  • Participating in the 3-week Erasmus Summer programme in August. You may take some of the courses that the Erasmus Summer programme offers. For more information, please visit: Students who are admitted to the HEPL programme get a 50% discount for the Erasmus Summer programme courses. They will use the formal admission e-mail in order to get the discount.