Current facets (Pre-Master)

As the smart housing platform choice for international students, RoomPlaza meets supply & demand of furnished student flats across the Netherlands with their central locations, top-notch services & facilities and a young, friendly and professional team.

Booking a flat with RoomPlaza is safe, secure and only takes a matter of minutes. Tenants can book flats on the basis of accurate descriptions, photos and video viewings. And what’s more - as long as your numbers are correct - RoomPlaza offers flats for your entire group. Their Customer Service Team, Booking Managers and Area Managers are available to be contacted on a daily basis, so you can be assured things will run smoothly.

Room rates

Our rooms currently on offer vary between €400 - €600 per month. Properties are personally certified by the RoomPlaza Team to ensure the high standard of facilities and other features such as internet. Whilst water, internet and possibly TV-channels are included in the price, the utilities of heating gas and electricity are not.

Location of rooms

Although RoomPlaza Rotterdam flats are located throughout town most can be found in City Centre, Kralingen and the Coolhaven/Delfshaven Area - giving you a true, local experience. You can check out for a more thorough look at the locations and a glimpse into your new neighbourhood.

Room quality

All RoomPlaza flats are fully furnished and include good quality facilities. However, if any problems should arise, the RoomPlaza Service Manager is just a call away. All you need to worry about is getting started with your international adventure. Those students who get their requests in early will snap up the best flatshares & rooms. However either way, RoomPlaza will make sure you find a solid roof to accommodate those exchange experiences.

Rental procedures

As simple as booking a hotel room or checking out your shopping cart, applying for a RoomPlaza flat is a quick and secure online process. After you’ve identified the accommodation of your choice you can easily apply by providing your details online. Make sure that your groupsize match the number of the rooms in the offered flatshare. RoomPlaza has a strong group focus meaning you can also invite your fellow students or inform your international officer about the flat you’ve selected. Once received your request, RoomPlaza forwards it to the landlord who will directly be in touch if the booking is accepted. Any questions/queries? No problem, our RoomPlaza Booking Manager is always at hand to help you out.

Terms of notification

RoomPlaza flats are rentable for 1 or 2 University semesters. However, should you need to terminate your contract for any unforeseen reason, RoomPlaza will try their best to find a replacement tenant and sort out the issue.

How to find a room through Roomplaza?

Visit and search ‘Rotterdam’ to browse the current selection of available flats and rooms. There’s even the possibility to fill out a search request if you have any specific needs or wishes. The RoomPlaza Customer Service team can be contacted by phone if any questions arise, alternatively you can always shoot them an e-mail at

Finding roommates?

On the Facebook page “Flatshare, Find Flatmates In Rotterdam”, which is an initiative of the founders of Roomplaza, you can post a request for roommates or respond to a request of another student.