Getting around

Public transport in Rotterdam is well organised: the trams, buses and metro are scheduled to link perfectly. Boats are also a convenient means of transport in and around the “water city” of Rotterdam. The Water Taxi is a very fast way to cross the Meuse River and the Water Bus is an extremely suitable mode of regional transport. Many students also travel by means of bicycles as this is the fastest way to travel in Rotterdam.


To get around quickly, easily and cheaply, buy a bicycle (Dutch: fiets) and a good quality bicycle lock. A second-hand bicycle in reasonable shape will cost you approximately €150. Second-hand bicycles can be bought at most bicycle shops and at the bicycle shelter at Central Station. There are also bicycle shops at Woudestein campus.

Public Transport

To plan your journey there is one website that combines all public transport throughout the Netherlands and will help you plan your journey from door to door:

Public transport chipcard

In order to use public transport in the Netherlands,  you need a public transport chipcard (Dutch: Openbaar Vervoer chipkaart, OV-chipkaart).  A personalised or anonymous card, that can be used multiple times, costs €7.50. It is possible to rent an OV-chipcard from ESN Rotterdam. You have to pay a €10 deposit, which you will get back once you leave Rotterdam and return the OV-chipcard. More information:

In Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Transportation Authority (RET) provides mass transit services by tram, bus, metro and ferry in the Rotterdam area. More information:


Dutch rail services are widespread across the country, in most cases provided by Dutch Railways (Dutch: Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS). More information about the Dutch railways, prices of tickets or travel information:
If you plan on travelling by train a lot, it might be a good idea to buy one of the discount passes. More information:


With such a good public transport infrastructure in the city, we advise you not to bring your car into Rotterdam’s city centre, where parking or a parking permit is very expensive. However, you might sometimes need or want to hire a car. Through StudentCar, you can rent a car by the hour and pick up the car from Woudestein campus. More information: