Language courses

The Language & Training Centre (LTC) of Erasmus University offers courses to students and employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and supports students throughout their studies with intensive training programmes, workshops and courses. Only students and employees of our university can participate in our courses, with the exception of students of other Dutch universities, who can enroll for language courses with open registration.

For more information see their website.

The Dutch Experience (Crash-course Dutch)

The Language & Training Centre (LTC) offers a "Crash-course Dutch" in August and in January every year. The crash-course Dutch is part of the 'Dutch Experience program'. This is a two-week program which consists of a Dutch language course and several cultural activities such as: a workshop ‘Getting to know the Netherlands’ on Dutch Cultural habits and characteristics of the Dutch educational system, an excursion, an optional dinner with other international students, social drinks and two lunches. Besides getting to know the Dutch culture, this program enables you to learn the Dutch Language in a short period of time and meet other international students.

For more information visit the EUR Welcome site.