Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

The Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management has a strong international reputation in health services research and, particularly, in health economics being one of the leading research and training institutions in this field in Europe and, indeed, the world. It has built considerable experience with the management and coordination of EU-funded projects, having run 4 Concerted Actions (CA) and one Research and Technological Development (RTD) project over the past 18 years.


Eddy van Doorslaer (

Eddy van Doorslaer holds a joint appointment as Professor of Health Economics at the Department of Health Policy and Management and at the Department of Applied Economics of the Erasmus School of Economics Erasmus University Rotterdam. He obtained an MSc in Economics at the University of Antwerp (B), an MSc in Health Economics at the University of York (UK), and a PhD in Economics at the University of Maastricht (NL). He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics (Elsevier), Health Economics (Wiley), of Population Health Metrics (Biomed Central) and of the Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. He has also acted as a health economics consultant to the World Bank, WHO and UNICEF. Professor van Doorslaer has acted as (joint) coordinator on 5 EU funded projects and one OECD funded international comparative project. The recently successfully completed EU funded project from the INCO-DEV Programme (5th Framework Programme) on Equity in the Finance and Delivery of Health Care in the Asian-Pacific countries (EQUITAP; contract ICA-CT-2001-10015) was coordinated jointly with Owen O’Donnell (University of Macedonia, GR) and Ravindra Rannan-Eliya (Institute for Health Policy Studies, Sri Lanka) laid some of the foundations for the current project to build upon.

Ellen Van de Poel (

Ellen Van de Poel is assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She holds a PhD in Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and has done work for the World Health Organization and European Commission (Aidco). Her research focuses on the measurement of health and health inequalities in developing countries, the links between urbanization and health and the econometric evaluation of health policies.

Gabriela Flores (

Gabriela Flores is a final year PhD student and teaching assistant at the Econometrics Department of the University of Geneva. She has been a consultant for the World Bank Social & Economic Development Group and the Inter-American Development Bank research department. Gabriela’s research focuses the on exposure to risks of catastrophic health expenditures and to health payments induced poverty in countries with little formal health insurance cover. She is visiting fellow of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Selected publications

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