Shandong University

The Centre for Health Management and Policy of Shandong University (SDU) is a leading institution in China focusing on research and training in health economics, policy analysis, and administration. The centre hosts the National Centre for Health Economics and Policy and Centre for Health Care Cost Accounting and Analysis sponsored by the Ministry of Health. It has 18 permanent staff members with 5 professors, 3 associate professors, and 5 lecturers and 5 research assistants. The mission of the Centre is to improve performance of Chinese health care system in terms of efficiency and equity through providing evidence-based policy recommendations to national and provincial policy-makers. The Centre has close working links with both Chinese and international organizations, including relevant line ministries and local governments, WHO/TDR, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, the World Bank, and UNICEF. Numerous research projects have been conducted with grants from various funding agencies. The centre has been involved in numerous projects on health financing in rural China, including a pilot study of cooperative medical System in poor rural China, funded by UNICEF from 1998-2002, the project “Bringing health care to the vulnerable - developing equitable and sustainable rural health insurance in China and Vietnam”, funded by the EU (Project acronym: RHINCAV).


Meng Qinyue (
Meng Qingyue, MD, PhD is Director of the Centre and Professor of Health Economics. He serves on the Advisory Committee on Health Policy and Management for Minister of Health. He is also a Board Member of the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research/WHO and a Council Member of the Federation for International Cooperation of Health Services and Systems Research Centres (FICOSSER). During the past decade he has led a research team conducting several WHO and the World Bank-funded research projects which have resulted in a numerous research papers published in Chinese and English peer-reviewed journals. He was a major partner in the EU funded project entitled “Reforming health services for equity and efficiency in urban China.” He will be the responsible scientist for Shandong University. 

Yu Baorong (
Yu Baorong, MD, PhD, is Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy. He has been working on rural health financing over the past years. He is also the principal investigator in a MoH-funded project on payment systems in China. 

Jian Wang (
Jian Wang, MB, PhD, is Associate Professor of Social Medicine. Over the past five years she participated in a number of research projects including evaluation of rural CMS in Shandong Province, disease burdens for the poor, and social and economic determinants of health in China.  

Qiang Sun (
Qiang Sun, MB, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Health Policy Analysis. He has been involved in more than ten research projects on health service pricing, costing and financing, and cost-effectiveness of health interventions, and health and poverty over the past decade.

Selected publications

Qingyue Meng, Clas Rhneberg, Ning Zhuang, Ying Bian, et al. The impact of urban health insurance reform on hospital charges: A case study from two cities in China. Health Policy 2004;68:197-209. 

Qingyue Meng, Renzhong Li, Gang Cheng, Erik Blas. Provision and financial burden of TB services in a financially decentralized system: A case study from Shandong, China. International Journal of Health Planning & Management 2004;19:S45-61.

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Meng Q, Cheng G, Silver L, Sun X, Rehnberg C, and Tomson G. The impact of China's retail drug price control policy on hospital expenditures: a case study in two Shandong hospitals, Health Policy and Planning 2005;20:185-196