ESHPM Council

What is ESHPM Council and who are its members?

ESHPM has its own staff and student participation council, called ESHPM Council. This council in fact is functioning as a faculty council and has the right of co-determination with the Dean and the Daily Board (DB). The ESHPM Council has eight members: four representing the staff and four representing the students. The term of office for staff members is two years and for student council members one year.

ESHPM Council

What are the tasks of the ESHPM council?

We primarily safeguard the interests of students and staff. Minimally four times a year we meet with the Vice-Dean (Hans Severens) and the Managing Director to discuss the state of affairs in ESHPM. The Director of Education (Antoinette de Bont) and the Director of Research (Pieter van Baal) will be invited if the agenda includes specific education and/or research related topics. We prepare these meetings with the members of the management team (MT) in our own council meetings. All meetings are public and related documents are publicly accessible in principle. The range of our tasks is defined in ESHPM’s Internal Regulations. Our tasks are in accordance with the legally granted powers of a faculty council. They include the right of assent as regards ESHPM’s Internal Regulations and the Teaching and Examination Regulations. We also advise the MT, by request or on our own initiative, on the institutional policy regarding education and research and on financial and/or organisational issues. For that matter, the ESHPM Council has the authority to issue proposals and to make known its views on all matters pertinent to ESHPM. Furthermore, the staff representatives have the right to advise on, for example, ESHPM’s organisation and functioning, its staff policy, and reorganisations.

The ESHPM council is there for you!

It will be clear that participating in the ESHPM Council offers the opportunity to engage in joined-up thinking, discussing and deciding on matters of importance to the education, research and organisation of ESHPM. We are open to receive suggestions for issues that you think should be discussed with MT members.